About Us


Corporate Print Source matches the printing needs of its customers with the correct printing plant for each product. Since we own no presses, we are not tied to one specific equipment list.

For every printing plant in existence selling direct with their own sales staff, there are two more plants with no sales departments who work with Corporate Print Source to bring quality products to our customers at a fair price.

We serve customers with widely varied printing needs who do not have the time to see the representatives necessary to meet those varied needs, and are not satisfied with internet purchasing.


Corporate Print Source is owned by James K. Martin. Located in north suburban Glenview, Illinois, Jim opened Corporate Print Source in 2001. The firm serves customers large and small in the Chicago loop and surrounding areas. Personal and professional references are available upon request.

Jim’s career in the printing business began in 1976 in the boom of business forms. As that product line came to maturity in the late 1980’s, Jim moved from the manufacturer’s world to the distributor’s world where he serves his customers using trade printing plants.